University of Alaska suffers data breach

The University of Alaska is in the process of notifying potential victims of a data breach that took place on the institution’s IT systems. Last week, reports revealed that a hacking campaign had taken place between January and February of last year at the university. The incident was thought to put email account details at […]

Security and compliance is a digital transformation priority

Results of a new survey conducted by illustrate how security and compliance has become a priority for European businesses as they go through digital transformation. The study, named EuropeITPriorities2019: Digital Transformation, takes into account the views of 785 companies spread across the UK and Ireland (UKI), France, DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), and “rest […]

Australian government $156 million cybersecurity promise

Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison has pledged to inject $156 million into his nation’s cybersecurity programme should his party be given the mandate next month. Around $50m of the promised sum would go towards a “cybersecurity national workforce growth programme”, which would “create the cyber-workforce we will need in the decades to come,” Mr Morrison […]

Organisations build workforce trust around cybersecurity for competitive advantage

Research by threat management platform, ObserveIT has revealed that organisations want to trust their employees when it comes to cybersecurity, but to do so, they need to better leverage technology. The research, which took in the views of 600 IT leaders across various industries, also found that employers should develop clear cybersecurity protocols and invest […]