Preparing for Canada’s new and improved privacy act (sponsored video Q&A)

The Consumer Privacy Protection Act will be the very first major overhaul of Canada’s privacy laws in what can be described as a much-needed update in the governance and protection of personal information in Canada.

In this video session, Microsoft’s Jason Bero and Richie Rai help us unpack what this Bill means for businesses and consumers across Canada and what steps enterprises must take in order to be prepared for a possible transition from PIPEDA to CPPA. As the ongoing pandemic has forced businesses to operate internally, it has accelerated the uptake and use of novel digital technologies that may have bypassed stringent privacy impact assessments.

If passed, the CPPA will usher in a timely update on the regulation of tools that were not used at the birth of PIPEDA, such as algorithmic technology. The Bill aims to provide a true enforcement policy for private sector entities, which have long thought of transparency as being a facet of the public sector.

Microsoft explains how businesses can use regulations like the CPPA to make their operations more sufficient whilst valuing privacy as a business opportunity.

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