Former CEO of Cambridge Analytica banned from holding directorships until 2027

The former CEO of Cambridge Analytica has been banned from holding directorships until 2027.

Alexander Nix admitted to a “lack of commercial probity” and agreed to an undertaking prohibiting him from owning limited companies for seven years.

The former director of SCL Group and its subsidiary Cambridge Analytica, has received a new sanction following the data-mining company’s harvesting of citizens’ Facebook data to manipulate the results of the 2016 US presidential election and the Brexit referendum. 

The U.K. insolvency service said: “Within the undertaking, Alexander Nix did not dispute that he caused or permitted SCL Elections Ltd or associated companies to market themselves as offering potentially unethical services to prospective clients; demonstrating a lack of commercial probity.” 

It added: “The unethical services offered by the companies included bribery or honey trap stings, voter disengagement campaigns, obtaining information to discredit political opponents and spreading information anonymously in political campaigns.”

In 2018, investigative journalist for The Observer, Carole Cadawalladr, revealed that Cambridge Analytica had harvested data from 87 million Facebook profiles and was working closely with the Leave.EU and the Trump presidential election campaign in 2016. Vote Leave, the official campaign run by current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is also reported to have had common access to Cambridge Analytica’s illegal datastores. 

Last year, Nix and the Federal Trade Commission, (FTC) reached a settlement, in which the FTC accused Cambridge Analytica of employing “deceptive tactics to harvest personal information from tens of millions of Facebook users for voter profiling and targeting,” according to the announcement in July 2019.


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