UK Data Protection Index offers practitioners chance to influence the industry as a whole

Editorial director of Data Protection World Forum, Nick Edwards, spoke with DPO Centre CEO Rob Masson, about the major new initiative to generate industry-wide insight on the data protection profession. 

The UK Data Protection Index is based on an anonymised regular survey of UK-based practitioners that meet certain criteria based on their role.

Mr Masson said that overtime the aim is to “give privacy and data protection sectors a voice in the wider press”, and to hopefully gain strong influence outside the industry. He added that as the profession grows due to changing requirements, a collective voice will be essential to meet industry-wide challenges.

The index intends on giving insight on the bigger issues, such as Brexit and COVID-19, by collecting practitioners’ opinions and building the Index to the point where it becomes “the go-to set of results on the opinion of the industry as a whole”.

“It should add progressively greater weight and credibility to the collective voice which will in turn support the continued elevation and significance of the role within organisations to help DPOs have the necessary influence they need, but at the same time, will boost the importance of privacy as an industry.” In short, it will provide a set of reliable results that is currently missing from the privacy industry. 

When asked why DPOs should consider becoming a member, he said: “It is an opportunity to expand your influence as a DPO, you may be one person within an organisation who is able to influence that organisation extremely positively, but also, being a member of the Index means that you are actively influencing the sector as a whole.”

The first results are due to be published later this month.

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