UK Children’s Code is step in the right direction, say privacy experts

Companies which deal with children’s data need to invest properly in protecting it, according to a panel of experts discussing the issue as part of the Last Thursday in Privacy event on 25 June.

The panel suggested that in order to protect children, companies must begin to recognise the cost of being compliant in children’s space by simply investing more. “Businesses must make a substantial financial commitment to be in this field,:” said Dona Fraser, Vice President of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU).

Last Thursday in Privacy is organised by the Data Protection World Forum.

One of the main issues, the panel argued, was the lack of responsibility that manufacturers take for children’s privacy. To achieve less fragmented standards, input from all areas is crucial.

UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham issued a statement on 11 June welcoming the laying of the Age Appropriate Design Code (Children’s Code) by Parliament. The ICO’s objective of the code is to improve the practices of the types of services that are used by or are accessible to children to ensure that they are given the highest level of privacy protection.

Mary-Jo Leeuw, privacy expert and founder of the Dutch Think and Do Tank, approved of the new Code but stated that a more standardised global legislation needs to be put in place if we want to prevent platforms like Tik Tok from imposing on children’s privacy rights.

The panel featured Mary-Jo de Leeuw, Interim Cybersecurity Program Manager at Dutch Railway; Rachel Glasser, Global Chief Privacy Officer at Wunderman Thompson; and Dona Fraser, VP of the BBB’s National Programs Children’s Advertising Review Unit.

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