#Privacy: Michigan State University struck by ransomware attack

The university has been given a week to pay an undisclosed ransom demand.

Operators behind the NetWalker (Mailto) ransomware have claimed to have targeted Michigan State University (MSU). 

NetWalker operators announced on their website it had stolen data from the institution’s network to which the university has six days to pay the ransom demand before it gets leaked. 

On the site,  operators have already published five images on the site to support their claim. The images show a passport scan for a student, two scans of Michigan State financial documents, and a directory structure allegedly from the university’s network. 

It remains unclear as to how and when the attack happened, and what the ransom demand is. 

NetWalker is one of twelve ransomware gangs who threaten to publish data in revenge if organisations refuse to pay the ransom demand. 

MSU have not official disclosed the incident, however, an MSU spokesperson, Dan Olsen shared the following statement to EdScoop: “We are aware of a possible intrusion and we are actively looking into it.”

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