GDPR: What have we learned 2 years on and what’s next?


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set precedents which have influenced the global landscape of business, data protection, privacy and beyond.

Join subject matter experts as they mark the two-year anniversary of the enforcement of the biggest change in data protection history, a change which shifted the way organisations around the world approached personal data – by discussing all things GDPR.

In those two years, what have been the major developments? How has the regulation evolved? Who has fallen foul and how have they dealt with the aftermath? How has the regulation influenced the rest of the world’s approach?

On May 28th, at 09:00am BST join the panellists reflecting on two-years of GDPR, and they will explore what the future holds and how things look for enforcement post-pandemic in the new reality.

Vivienne Artz, Chief Privacy Officer of Refinitiv, will be joined by Nathalie Laneret, Director of Privacy Policy, Center for Information Policy Leadership plus more soon-to-be-announced global experts.

Vivienne commented on the anniversary of the legislation: “GDPR was in many ways a game changer for privacy not only in the EU, but in the world.  Two years on, we are living the new reality and feeling the impacts of this ambitious legislation, including how “fit for purpose” the GDPR is in the face of a global pandemic and the need to process sensitive and location data in new and creative ways.  I am looking forward to participating in this Data Protection World Forum event on 28 May to explore these issues further with terrific experts in the field”

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