Webinar: Stopping Email Data Breaches: A Reality for Today or a Task for Tomorrow?

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People cause data breaches every day. Often, without meaning to and the vast majority while using corporate email accounts.

This causes layers of complexity and compliance headaches for CISOs and their security teams, as they try to predict the unpredictable and anticipate incidents and detect incidents caused by well-intentioned employees. The staff member who has too many things to do and sends an email to the wrong person. Or the individual who feels they need to share information just to get their job done, thinking it’s more efficient not to apply email encryption or by using an unapproved channel.

For many, mitigating human error has been a task too far. And that’s because traditional static email security solutions have failed to flex and respond to employees’ changeable behaviour. 

This webinar will discuss how the rise of AI and machine learning has started a new era for email security; one where it’s possible to detect abnormal security behaviour for individual employees and stop breaches before they happen.


What you’ll learn:

  • Why, and how, well-intentioned employees cause data breaches when using email
  • Why legacy static technology has failed to prevent email data breaches
  • How machine learning can prevent breaches and improve protection for shared data
  • How your organization can use machine learning to improve your email security


Webinar Presenters:

Steve Wright

Partner, Privacy Culture

Formerly -DPO and CISO of John Lewis, GDPR Advisor to the Bank of England. Steve is passionate about big data and all things digital. With more than 20 years’ experience, designing, developing, managing and delivering transformational data, governance, privacy and security programmes, Steve’s vast experience as a pragmatic and charismatic leader, ideally places him as a ‘trusted advisor’ at board level on all privacy and security related matters. Steve is also a published author, a non-executive director and is regularly invited to speak at industry events, trade associations and thought leadership working groups, working towards continually finding new ways to increase trust and transparency in respect of consumer services, business functions and product vendors.

Sudeep Venkatesh

Chief Product Officer, Egress

Sudeep Venkatesh is a noted expert on data protection, bringing two decades of industry and technology experience in this area. His expertise spans the protection of data in both structured and unstructured data ecosystems, with an emphasis on solving real-world business problems through encryption, authentication and key management. He has an in-depth understanding of regulatory compliance standards, including the EU GDPR, PCI and NYDFS, etc. Sudeep has worked on numerous data security projects with Fortune 500 firms in the US, the UK and globally.

At Egress, Sudeep works as Chief Product Officer with responsibility for product strategy, product management and the delivery of pre and post-sales technical services to customers. Prior to this, he was the Global Head of Pre-sales for the Data Security division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), leading a global team of Sales Engineers. Sudeep joined HPE through its acquisition of Voltage Security, where he was part of the executive team.


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Wednesday, May 06, 2020

02:00 PM British Summer Time

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