Beware voice controlled technologies they pose a cyber , security risk

Beware Voice controlled technologies; they pose a cyber security risk and that’s a problem as during the Covid-19 crisis as they are in high demand.

According to ABI Research, the coronavirus pandemic is expected to lead to a 30% increase in sales of voice control devices in 2020. Why so popular? Voice control technology is also on the rise, helping to reduce the amount of times people have to touch shared surfaces, such as light switches and thermostats, lessening the chance of spreading germs within the home.

But as ever with these things, there is a sting in the tail.

“There are unfortunately a host of devices on the market that are manufactured without the proper security protocols in place,” warns Shane McCarthy, COO of Irdeto.

This means “hackers can exploit them to access your home network and potentially steal personal data, access webcams or tamper with the settings of your devices remotely,” he added.

It seems that the best advice we can offer consumer is to beware and think cyber security when buying voice controlled technologies.

Mr McCarthy explained “Some broadband providers have tools in place to manage everything on your home network securely, but the best thing for consumers to do is check the devices they are buying are from reputable suppliers and update the security software on them regularly.”

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