Shhh, data privacy company heading for $400 million valuation

According to press reports, the data privacy software company Privitar is heading for a $400 million valuation as it completes its series C fund raising round.


How much is privacy worth? Data is the next oil, we are told. PwC has projected that AI will contribute $15.7 trillion annually to the global economy by 2030. And since AI needs data, in much the same way lungs need oxygen, that makes data rather valuable. But what about privacy? What about ways to ensure that in the rush to monetise data, things like our inalienable right to privacy doesn’t get forgotten? What is that worth?


Privacy experts say that without trust data is worthless (roughly speaking and give or take a trillion or so dollars) and without respect for our privacy there is no trust. 


Now Privitar, which produces data privacy software for the enterprise, is raising money.


According to media reports, massive private equity outfit, Warburg Pincus, is leading the fund raising round.


Reports suggest this mean Privitar, which provides its technology to the NHS, will be valued at $400 million.


We are getting there it seems, the corporate investment community has been waxing lyrical about data for some time, now maybe the privacy penny is dropping, too. 

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