#Privacy: New project to help US government to address cybersecurity challenges through COVID-19

A new tech drive initiated by Panamerican Computers Inc promises to deliver cybersecurity help to US government agencies as the cyber-threat accompanying the coronavirus outbreak continues to grow.

“We are open for business in compliance with CDC safety guidelines,” said PCi Tec President Rosina Kling, “and in a unique position to offer rapid and reliable procurement of various cybersecurity and medical IT products, due to our extensive, elite partnering network.”

PCi Tec has its own Virginia-based warehouse, assembly and call center, many license arrangements, and contract vehicles which ensure streamlined delivery of products in many areas both to protect workers and to secure their services and activities.

This includes mobility security (VPNs, encryption, remote web setup, device management, authentication); telehealth solutions, specialized medical laptops, monitors, tablets, monitoring devices, carrying cases; power backups for hospital devices and equipment; and warehousing storage, installation, and logistics support.

Specifically, the special initiative will facilitate product procurements and services withPCi partners, including:

  • SPYRUS Windows To Go Tokens provide an outstanding solution for the challenges involved with supporting teleworkers operating from home based, strongly heterogeneous computing environments.
  • Tangent offers several all-in-one medical computers that offer battery backup options for emergency situations.
  • Cybernet Manufacturing, Inc. designs and manufactures all-in-one computers, tablets and industrial PCs for the specialize medical-grade healthcare, industrial and enterprise markets.
  • ThirdEye Gen, Inc., whose ThirdEye X2 MR Glasses enable a medic in a hazmat suit to stream their live point of view, plus the object’s temperature reading, to a remote doctor, who can send back images, annotations and other instruction to the medic for screening.
  • JAMF, an industry-leading device management solution for IT to manage Mac OS and iOS devices, has products which protect company and user data to mitigate risks and alleviate security concerns.
  • Attila Security’s GoSilent award-winning technology was originally developed at the National Security Agency to protect government and enterprises from advanced cyber-attacks, zero-day threats, and data theft, and offers threat defense across physical, virtual, and cloud applications.
  • AppGuard Solo delivers a multi-layered defense, protecting the endpoint at multiple points, including launch control, run-time application control, and memory protection, to prevent one application from reading or writing to the memory of another.
  • MobileIron UEM, MobileIron Access and MobileIron Threat Defense (MTD) can help organizations protect business data, grant secure access to data based on full context, and mitigate mobile threats – without affecting the user experience and applied to the user’s device of choice.
  • Dell Technologies‘ long and trusted history in the Federal government has led them to be an industry leader in modernizing IT environments throughout the world with a robust portfolio that includes servers, storage, data protection, end-user devices, converged and hyperconverged solutions.
  • PCi Tec’s Integration and Deployment Facility is a climate-controlled space to store and stage your IT equipment with 24-hour video monitoring, secure access, remote management, and a fail secure system to ensure your products are protected from theft, power failure, and inclement weather. It offers installation and deployment services for both off-the-shelf and custom solutions and our background-checked logistics team handles all aspects of product delivery.

PCi Tec has worked with the Federal government and other global clients to meet many IT initiatives and technology challenges. PCi Tec provides a portfolio of federal GWAC, BPA, and IDIQ contracting vehicles designed to streamline and simplify the procurement process and lower prices through volume discounts for our government customers.

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