#Privacy: Firms to understanding cloud risks with free cybersecurity assessment

SaaS (Software as a Service) company, Altitude Networks, has announced the arrival of its a new Rapid Security Assessment which will allow companies greater insight into cloud security risks.

Engineered for organisations working on Google Drive to access file storage and business collaboration, the assessment programme quickly identifies sensitive files and uncovers sharing risks, such as critical files shared publicly, downloads by business partners or files accessible by personal email accounts of former employees.

Insider threats are becoming a growing concern for CISOs, particularly among non-privileged users who have access to sensitive data. The Ponemon Institute 2020 Cost of Insider Threats Report revealed that insider losses have reached the highest levels on record.

The number of insider-caused cybersecurity incidents increased by 47% since 2018 and the average annual cost of insider threats has risen by 31% to $11.45 million in just two years. Furthermore, the Verizon Insider Threat Report found that it can often take months or even years to detect an insider breach.

Companies embracing cloud collaboration services require visibility into how data is being shared both internally and externally. This assessment uses a brief, guided onboarding process where Altitude is given authorized connectivity to G Suite with read-only permissions to only metadata.

Using advanced data science techniques, Altitude accurately pinpoints business critical files that are shared in highly risky ways that could lead to a data breach. Companies then receive a complete report showing the number of accounts that have access to the company drive, the number of files that have been accessed inside and outside the company, and the risks based on who and how those files are accessed.

With Altitude Networks’ Rapid Security Assessment organizations can gain insight into their data security risks and understand their enterprise’s current cloud security posture. It provides actionable intelligence on the risks to an organization’s cloud data. Specifically, Altitude Networks reports on:

  • Offboarded employees or contractors with residual access to critical files via personal accounts
  • Board decks and other critical business information shared to external personal email accounts
  • Financial earnings accidentally shared by link and accessible to any internal or external individual
  • Malicious or compromised accounts downloading thousands of documents from G Suite
  • User-authorized rogue applications that are accessing and exfiltrating corporate files

“Visibility is one of the most important requirements for security teams — if you don’t know about it, you can’t secure it,” said Michael Coates, chief executive officer at Altitude Networks.

“With our free rapid security assessment program, we are giving security teams unprecedented visibility into what sensitive files are stored in the cloud and how those files are shared both internally and externally. By helping organizations understand where the risks lie, we enable businesses to better protect their sensitive data and dramatically improve their security posture.”

Designed for companies of any size, Altitude Networks integrates directly into cloud applications without endpoint software agents or network proxy devices. Customers can integrate Altitude Networks into their cloud environment in less than 30 minutes with an initial discovery of critical risks in a matter of hours. Companies can sign up for the free assessment here

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