#Privacy: German food delivery service suffers cyber attack

Threat actors have launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on German food delivery service Takeaway. 

With COVID-19 spreading drastically Germany has enforced many measures to prevent the spread. Subsequently, many Germans have resulted in ordering food through food delivery services such as Takeaway.com. 

Unfortunately, threat actors have used this as a perfect opportunity to launch a DDoS attack on the Takeaway website, demanding 2 bitcoins (around $11,000) to stop the attack. 

On Twitter, the CEO of Takeaway Jitse Groen posted about the attack attaching a screenshot of the attacker’s demand: “A #ddos attack on a food delivery website @takeaway in the middle of a public health crisis. I hope you sleep well at night.”

Shortly after the tweet, the German branch of the company, Lieferando.de, announced that its systems were attacked and to ensure the security of all data, its systems had entered maintenance mode. 

Few customers complained that despite the attack, the service was still accepting new orders, to which the service responded that it would refund orders that had been paid online and not delivered. 

Lieferando delivers food from over 15,000 restaurants in Germany, thus the DDoS attack has had a significant impact on both customers and restaurant owners. 

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