#Privacy: New privacy platform to protect healthcare data in public clouds

ClearDATA, a firm specialising in healthcare public cloud security, compliance and privacy, has announced its next-generation multi-cloud offering.

Named the ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform™, the offering comprises managed services and professional services and is designed to empower healthcare organizations to scale their operations in the public cloud by providing direct access to the latest cloud-based apps, services and APIs while protecting sensitive health information (PHI/PII).

According to ClearDATA, the platform facilitates easy tracking of compliance and security status by healthcare professionals in the public cloud within a streamlined central interface – all wrapped in a purposeful Business Associate Agreement.

The company, which has been HITRUST certified since 2014, built the platform to provide its healthcare customers the highest quality standards and best practices for security, compliance and privacy as they drive innovation using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Proprietary software serves as the foundation of the platform, arming customers with automated safeguards, automatic remediations and line of sight to real-time compliance reporting. In addition, it provides a solution to aid customers in the identification, management and use of PHI/PII in a compliant manner.

The platform is both layered and modular to allow customers to innovate in the cloud using advanced software development technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. Professional and tiered managed services complement the software package, ensuring a seamless integration with any healthcare organization’s cloud strategy.

“Enabling healthcare innovation in a secure and compliant environment is our top priority,” said Matt Ferrari, Chief Technology Officer at ClearDATA.

“We have evolved our software and services offering to meet the demands of customers working to keep pace with rapid advancements in IT and cloud computing. ClearDATA innovates at the forefront of compliance solutions, anticipating the next need or viable technology of our customers to help transform healthcare in the public cloud with this agile, scalable platform.”

The ClearDATA platform provides access to compliance status reports across multiple cloud environments, as well as the ability to create an accurate inventory and identify PHI throughout microservices.

Its scalability and flexibility are designed to adapt to meet the needs of healthcare organizations across sectors – payers, providers, life sciences and healthcare IT – throughout their unique cloud journeys. Automation minimizes opportunities for human error while allowing healthcare organizations to accelerate innovation and improve compliance monitoring and remediation.

“Today, healthcare professionals must navigate, understand, implement and enforce cloud security and compliance defined by complex and demanding regulatory frameworks and guidelines at the state, national and international levels,” said Suhas Kelkar, Chief Product Officer at the company.

“ClearDATA dramatically relieves this burden with software and services that monitor, automatically remediate, visualize, and enforce compliance, all while leveraging new public cloud services as they are introduced.”

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