#Privacy: 7.9 billion records compromised through 2019 so far

Reports reveal there were 5,183 breaches reported in the first nine months of 2019, exposing a total of 7.9 billion records.

According to a RiskBased report, Data Breach QuickView Report 2019 Q3 trends, compared to Q3 2018, the total number of breaches was up 33.3 percent and the total number of records exposed more than doubled, up 112 percent.

Hacking remains the top breach type for number of incidents while the Internet has exposed the most records this year. By NAICS economic sector, medical services, retailers and public entities experienced the most breaches, but when all business related sectors are combined, general business remains the most breached organization type.

In Q3 alone, six breaches exposed 100M or more records, accounting for 3.1 billion records exposed between July 1st and September 30th . Accounts vs People vs Records – Orvibo, the largest breach disclosed so far this year, is reported to have exposed approximately 2 billion records. It is worth noting the open dataset included approximately 2 billion entries that were associated with a much lower number of user accounts. The actual number of user accounts exposed in the breach is unknown but is likely to be around one million, as that is the number of customers claimed by Orvibo.

Number of breaches per economic sector:

  1. Healthcare – 343
  2. Retail – 307
  3. Public Administration – 264
  4. Finance & Insurance – 263
  5. Information – 234
  6. Education – 169
  7. Professional/Scientific – 160
  8. Manufacturing – 131
  9. Other Services – 60
  10. Admin & Support – 41
  11. Transport & Storage – 34
  12. Mining/Extraction – 32
  13. Real Estate – 31
  14. Hospitality – 27
  15. Arts & Recreation – 23
  16. Wholesale – 23
  17. Utilities – 13
  18. Holding Companies – 12
  19. Construction – 10
  20. Agriculture – 1

Taking a step back to look at breached organizations from another perspective, the Business sector still accounts for 66 percent of breaches, Medical 14 percent, Government 12 percent and Education 8 percent.

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