#Privacy: Data intelligence firm’s drive to boost GDPR and CCPA compliance

 ZoomInfo, a leader in go-to-market (GTM) intelligence solutions, has announced the release of its Compliance API, created to help ZoomInfo customers understand the personal data they possess and more accurately respond to consumer requests under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the forthcoming CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), as well as electronic communication laws.

The API further demonstrates commitment to promoting data privacy among a growing number of companies across the US.

With integration available across all of the industry’s leading sales and marketing automation platforms, the ZoomInfo Compliance API automatically incorporates compliance alerts and actionable remedies across everyday business workflows — ensuring a better customer experience and helping companies comply with consumer preferences under state and federal data privacy regulations.

“For decades, our data asset has helped companies go to market. What we realized is that same data asset can serve as a key input as companies work to comply with data privacy regulations,” said Henry Schuck, CEO and Founder of ZoomInfo. “Because of our robust legal, privacy, compliance, and product teams, we are able to constantly think forward about the issues, regulatory or otherwise, that our clients grapple with every day.  The release of the compliance API is evidence of that.”

ZoomInfo’s Compliance API is uniquely capable of identifying a broad range of compliance complications, such as when someone has multiple inboxes at work, whether due to email aliases or even a maiden name. The API even uses employment history data to help customers remove contact information from a past employer, and it protects against a previously removed email alias re-populating in sales and marketing databases.

“It is a struggle to fully unsubscribe data subjects when so many people have variations of their email addresses at work and professionals are changing jobs on average every three years,” said Derek Smith, ZoomInfo’s Senior Vice President of Data.

“Despite the known challenges, failing to remove a data subject puts companies at risk of violating privacy laws, which carry major fines. ZoomInfo’s Compliance API helps address this problem, right at the source of B2B data truth, to improve results and reduce exposure.”

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