#Privacy: Report found that most people admit to peeking at their coworkers screens

A new report by HP as revealed that people are extremely concerned about their data privacy, yet they feel powerless in protecting it. 

The “HP Creepers and Peekers” report surveyed 1,500 office workers and 3,000 general consumers across the US, the UK and Canada. 

The report revealed that consumers approach to personal privacy needs to evolve – with 7 in 10 of Americans admitting to being worried about online hackers, and 73% believing that it is inevitable that they will be compromised at least once. 

In addition, 85% of Americans believe that people should mind their own businesses and not glance at someone else’s screen.

Respondents also cited having the feeling of paranoia and discomfort, with 83% admitting that they restrict the content they look at in public out of concern that others might see, whilst 80% admitted to looking at others’ screen without realising. However, 1 in 5 have stated that they creep if there is something to gain from it. 

Just under half of respondents (49%), admitted to either viewing or having seen others looking at “not safe for work” content in public. 

This creeping phenomenon extends into the workplace, with 73% of US office workers admitting to creeping on coworkers’ PC or phone screens, and 3 in 4 peeking at unclaimed documents left in office printer trays. 

“This behavior proves that office workers can often be opportunistic, with 44 percent of respondents admitting they would look at it, make a copy, take a picture, or take it, if they found an unclaimed document in the printer tray,’ said HP

As creeping and peeking behaviour becomes more common, many respondents are feeling defenseless against it, and are looking for built-in features that will give them more control of their privacy. 

The survey found that 72% of US respondents wished there was a button that they could press that would stop people viewing their screen, whilst 66% stated that laptop manufacturers should make it more difficult for others to look at their screen. 

“Further validating HP’s innovations in security and privacy, 78 percent of consumers say they would purchase a PC with better security features—such as HP’s Webcam Kill Switch, Sure View and Secure Print—found on HP Spectre and HP ENVY laptops, to help life move without interruption and give people peace of mind to be themselves.”

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