#privacy: A third of security pros have admitted to bypassing security checks

Research by Outpost24 found that companies are facing increasing pressure to release applications faster to meet demands. 

The survey of 300 security leaders found that 34% of organisations admit to bypassing security checks to get products out to market faster, therefore putting customers at risk of attack. 

Alarmingly, 64% of organisations believe that their customers could be impacted by data breaches as a result of unpatched vulnerabilities in their organisation’s products and applications. 

Respondents were asked whether their organisation’s products and applications would “fare well” if a security penetration test was conducted, to which 17% said no and 12% said they were not sure. 

Only 37% of organisations carry out security testing within its cloud environment continuously, with only 18% carrying out tests monthly, and 11% citing never. 

Although 92% of respondents agree to the importance of carrying out security tests on its products and applications before being sent to market – 29% of organisations do not introduce security testing from the beginning of the development lifecycle. 

Bob Egner, VP, Outpost 24, said:

“Our study shows that even despite continuous warnings, organizations today are still leaving their customers at risk because of a failure to address security vulnerabilities in products before they are introduced to market. If organizations are not addressing these security vulnerabilities, they are taking a huge gamble and abusing customer trust.”

He added: “Negligence towards security will eventually lead disastrous outcomes for technology and application vendors and their customers. There should be no excuses today, especially when security is such a big issue and so many breaches, which have happened up and down the technology stack, are well publicized.”

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