Mimecast: GDPR Discussion Paper: Overcoming cyber threats

Over 90% of cybercrime exploits begin with email, making it the single biggest threat vector to organisations and the data they manage. Furthermore, not only are emails a common vehicle to share and exchange personal data; email servers are prime repositories for data as names, emailaddresses, and associated contact information. It’s therefore critical to ensure appropriate protection is in place (including defence against attacks, encryption, data leak prevention etc) along with a review of what personal data is being retained and how easily it can be accessed by authorised personnel.

It is now very common for modern businesses to implement digital-first strategies in order to connect colleagues, partners, and more importantly customers together. While this undeniably creates vast opportunities and is a huge asset for businesses, it also creates unprecedented security challenges due to a business’ reliance on connectivity, as it provides an entry route for criminals to disruptoperations and ultimately deceive customers.

This topic will also be explored by Kiri Addison, Head of Data Science at PrivSec Dublin on the 23rd September. Kiri will look at some current examples of threats taken from the billions of malicious emails Mimecast blocks every month and will also discuss some of the attacks expected to pose a significant risk over the next year and beyond.

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