#privacy: LinkedIn’s fight against fake profiles

LinkedIn has taken action on more than 21 million fake accounts during the first half of 2019. 

The LinkedIn community is growing quickly with an active professional community of more than 645 million members. It is LinkedIn’s responsibility for ensuring that it is keep a safe space by proactively removing fake profiles. 

Fake profiles are often used to contact genuine professionals to gain information about a company or employee. 

Out of the 21.6 million fake accounts LinkedIn took action on, 95% of the accounts (19.5 million) were stopped during the creation of the account. Another 2 million fake accounts were restricted before members reported them, and 67,000 accounts were stopped before members reported them. 

Paul Rockwell, LinkedIn’s head of trust and safety, explained that this was due to combining human review with artificial intelligence (AI)  and machine learning, as well as members who report fake accounts. 

An overwhelming 98% of all fake accounts were taken down through AI, machine learning and other automated defenses, whilst the remaining 2% were via human review. 

 Rockwell said:

“We want to make sure our community continues to be a valuable resource for you; one that creates opportunities to find jobs, make connections and grow careers. When we stop fake accounts, we start more chances for economic opportunity. 

“We are committed to using every measure available to maintain your safety, allowing everyone to access economic opportunity while feeling supported and secure.”

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