#privacy: UK’s biggest forensic services provider targeted by ransomware

A “highly-sophisticated” ransomware attack on Eurofins Scientific, has led to the suspension of work between the company and the British police. 

Eurofins Scientific, is an international group of laboratories that carry out DNA testing, firearms testing, toxicology analysis and computer forensic for police forces across the UK. 

In June, Eurofins Scientific had been targeted by a ransomware virus, which led to a backlog of 20,000 samples. The backlogs included blood and DNA specimens. 

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) are currently clearing the backlog, and have managed to reduce it to 15,000. The NPCC have stated that it is now safe for police forces to use the firm again. 

Eurofins Scientific had been infected by a ransomware virus, which resulted in the company paying the ransom to restore access to its computer network. It remains unknown as to how much money was paid. The National Crime Agency (NCA) stated that the ransom had to be paid as it was a “matter for the victim.”

The NPCC lead for the forensic marketplace, Assistant Chief Constable Paul Gibson, said:

 “The security and integrity of the criminal justice system is of the highest possible priority, which meant we had to take stringent steps to ensure that police data had, firstly, not been manipulated or changed and, secondly, was suitably protected for the future.”

The attack is currently being investigated by the National Crime Agency. 

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