#privacy: US says foreign power is responsible for cyber-attack on Czeck government


A security committee held at the US Senate this week has concluded that a foreign state is behind the latest cyber-attack to hit the Czech Foreign Ministry.

No further details have yet emerged on the regime’s identity, nor on the specifics of the attack, Reuters reports.

Originally, a Czech newspaper stated that the cyber-attack on the central European country’s Foreign Ministry had occurred in June, reporting that the incident had not led to the exposure of any data. The paper pointed the finger of blame at Russia, citing three sources of evidence.

Referring to data coming out of the Czech Republic’s National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NUKIB), the US Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security has now issued an advisory to the Czech government to take a stronger stance in the face of cyber security and the growing threat of cyber-crime.

In a statement posted on the Senate website, the committee said:

“(The committee) states with concern that the latest incident, the cyber-attack against the Foreign Ministry, was perpetrated by a foreign state power, according to NUKIB.”

No comment has yet been made by the Czech Foreign Ministry.

In December of last year, BIS, the Czech Republic’s Secret Information Service said in its annual report that intelligence services in Russia were to blame for cyber-attacks on the country’s Foreign Ministry in 2017.

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