PrivSec Podcast: Privacy is a Core Brand Value of a Customer-Centric Business


The next instalment in the PrivSec Podcast Series brings Steve Wright, former Data Protection Officer for the Bank of England, John Lewis and Unilever, into conversation with Chris Combemale, Group CEO at the Data & Marketing Association (DMA). 

An experienced Chief Executive Officer, Chris has a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and technology industry. Chris is skilled in data & marketing, marketing technology, integrated marketing, and advertising. He is a strong CEO with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused on Creative Writing from Hamilton College.

Putting the customer in the data driving seat

There is huge transformation going on both in the way companies do business, and in the way customers are interacting with companies. Almost all of it is data driven.

In such an environment, companies must ensure there is a framework of trust so that people are comfortable interacting in the modern age. Brands need to look at how they treat their customers in relation to privacy and use it as a differentiating brand factor.

DMA research finds that 61% of customers are happy with the data that they share, and 69% of people believe that data is essential to this modern economy. However, 86% of people want more control and 88% of people want more transparency around what’s happening.

There’s work to be done if companies are to engage customers and demonstrably give back that transparency and control.

Among key questions in this podcast, Steve asks Chris how businesses can become more customer-focused.

Chris points out how the GDPR has mandated this customer centric approach; it asks firms to look at what they are doing, document it, and document likely impacts on the customer.

“The maturing of this environment means customers value innovation convenience and customers want companies to behave responsibly,” Chris says.

Other questions covered include:

  1. There’s so much innovation in data and technology, how important is for brands to ensure they’re still focused on customers and their privacy?
  2. Has the GDPR actually been a benefit to businesses?
  3. What do consumers think about GDPR and data privacy more generally?
  4. What is the value of privacy? Why should businesses be taking it seriously?

Listen to the Chris Combemale podcast here:


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