Malware attack forces Houston County schools to delay start of school year

Schools in Houston County have been forced to delay the start of the school year following a malware attack on the systems server. 

According to a report by WTVY, both computers and phone systems had been affected by the malware attack. 

The schools in the country were initially set to open on August 1, but then pushed back to August 5. However, now the school board has decided to delay the start data until August 12.

Houston County Schools Superintendent David Sewell has not commented if the intrusion was ransomware, but stated that no money has been paid. Additionally when asked if any student data had been lost due to the hack, he responded that they are “still accessing some of the damage”.

Ashford High School Principal Bubba Odom said, “it’s going to be a learning experience”. 

“People are going to learn what it was like 50 years ago, 30 years ago, before cell phones and things of that nature.”

The attack has caused some difficulties with staff, with teachers having to make hard crop lessons plans since nothing can be printed. Additionally, the lack of access to INow, a system used to keep track of student information, has become a big problem. 

“If we have to go back to a magnetic board and we’re sticking up people on a magnet board where this teacher goes, where this student goes, some of us are old enough we can go back to that. It’ll work.”

The superintendent is expecting the network to be back up in roughly three weeks.

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