Over two thirds of Brazilians feel anxious about not being sure how to protect their data

A study by YouGov on behalf of Palo Alto Networks found that Brazilians have become aware of the importance of cybersecurity. 

The study looked into human behaviour in relation to cybersecurity, and identified that 55% of the Brazilian adults surveyed believed they should be held responsible for their own personal data security. Furthermore, 54% felt that they felt more secure if they knew more about what to do to protect themselves and their family. 

A total of 69% of respondents felt anxious due to not being sure how to protect their data – although 82% of the respondents surveyed felt they were doing everything that could be done to prevent any loss of their information. 

It was noted that when their personal data was being protected by cybersecurity technology, 62% of the respondents reported spending less time worrying. 

In the survey of more than 1,000, 52% preferred cybersecurity to be managed by artificial intelligence rather than a human, with 55% of respondents believing that security checks have a positive impact on the digital experience. 

Dr. Jessica Barker, expert in the human nature of cybersecurity said:

“Trust is so important in cybersecurity. People want to be actively engaged in better protecting themselves online, and they embrace technology that supports them in this. The knowledge acquired can then be transferred to other areas of their lives, most importantly, the workplace.” 

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