UK businesses hit by cyber attacks every 50 seconds


According to Beaming, in the second quarter of 2019, businesses in the UK have faced an average of 146,491 attempted cyber attacks. 

This current rate of cyber attacks equates to one attack every 50 seconds. The figure is a significant increase of 179% from 2018, in which businesses had faced 52,596 attacks on average. 

Sonia Blizzard, managing director of Beaming commented:

“The rate at which UK businesses are attacked online has soared over the last year and companies large and small are under sustained attack from hackers around the world.”

It was identified that IoT devices and file sharing services were targeted the most by cyber-criminals, attracting 17,737 and 10,192 attacks respectively in Q2 2019. Within the first quarter both remotely controlled IoT applications and file sharing services attracted 201 and 114 attacks per day within Q1 2019. 

Beaming identified 371,000 unique IP addresses which had been utilised to launch cyber attacks on UK businesses in Q2 2019 – to which 52,860 were traced to locations in China as well as activity originating in Brazil, Taiwan, Egypt and the US. 

Blizzard stressed that all businesses are under attack.

“The majority of cyber-attacks on businesses are indiscriminate, malicious code that trawls the web seeking to exploit any weak point in cybersecurity systems. A single breach can be catastrophic to this involved.

“We do lots at a network level to minimize the threat of online attacks, but businesses need to take the threat seriously, educate employees and put in place measures such as managed firewalls to ensure they don’t expose themselves to undue risk.”

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