Smart cities, data protection and security implications

The second instalment in the PrivSec Podcast Series brings Nick James, CEO and Founder of Data Protection World Forum into conversation with Joe Dignan, Founder of Kintechi Ltd to discuss data security in the era of the smart city.

As the Internet of Things marches out of the house and into the high street, interconnectivity is starting to work its magic on civil landscapes across the globe.

Digital upgrades in administration facilities, utilities and road infrastructures promise to make urban living safe, easier and more efficient. But what are the data security implications of this evolution?

In this exclusive broadcast, smart city, World Bank and EC expert, Joe Dignan explores the most pressing cyber security issues tied into smart city technology.

Among key questions, Nick James asks whether privacy concerns are halting the advancement of smart cities.

“[Privacy] is a concern, because there’s so much data being collected and there are very few trust models around,” Joe responds, before elaborating on how trust and data reliability can be built to ensure the digital health of interconnected conurbations.

Other questions covered include:

  • What is the smart city market and how much is it worth?
  • Who is leading in the UK and globally?
  • What is the public/private partnership balance in developing a smart city?
  • What are the barriers to uptake?
  • What are the key traits of successful smart communities?
  • What are the issues around data in smart cities and how are they being addressed?
  • What would you like to see happening in the future?

Tune in to hear what Joe has to say on these questions, and to discover his take on the fascinating evolution of smart city culture.

View the podcast here:


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