PrivSec podcast series

Stories of huge data breaches, record-breaking fines and the crucial issue of data privacy have seldom been out of mainstream media spotlight as we settle into the GDPR era.

The revelations have fallen for good reason – for over 12 months now, European data regulators have been flexing new legislative muscles in a bid to improve the ethics and practices of the companies that process the data of EU residents.

Drives to bolster data privacy in the US, Africa, and across the ASEAN region illustrate the GDPR’s positive ripple effect. Nations are taking note of the EU data laws’ capacity to mobilise accountability, user control and transparency as drivers of much-needed trust within the global business community.

The pressure is now on executives to innovate – to devise new approaches to mitigate risk, safeguard integrity and satisfy new legal standards through digital transformation

Hear guidance from the data experts

At this time of digital flux, Data Protection World Forum launches a series of podcasts looking at specific strategy within the sphere of data protection, privacy and security.

Hosted by Nick James, CEO and Founder of Data Protection World Forum, the podcast series is delighted to welcome guest host, Steve Wright, GDPR Advisor to the Bank of England.

Designed for business leaders seeking guidance on compliance strategy, the podcasts will offer expert comment on the state of data privacy today.

Taking case-studies to hand, our specialists will discuss best tactics on how to adapt to the most pressing aspects of data privacy and security legislation, while maintaining a competitive edge.

Exclusive broadcasts include interviews with subject matter experts including: Rowenna Fielding, Data Privacy Lead, Protecture; Joe Dignan Founder of Kintechi Ltd, Smart City, World Bank and EC Expert, Board Chair, Research Fellow, NED, IoT Special Adviser to Digital Jersey, and Flavius Plesu, Former CISO, Bank of Ireland, founder & CEO – OutThink Ltd

Among topics covered:

  • risk management approaches
  • the globalisation of data protection laws
  • smart cities and data protection and security implications
  • Privacy 2.0

To listen to the podcasts now, click here.

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