An enterprise-wide view of risk management


The third instalment in the PrivSec Podcast Series sees Nick James, CEO and Founder of Data Protection World Forum discuss risk management with Rowenna Fielding, Data Privacy Lead at Protecture. 

Beyond being a fundamental pillar of organisational compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), sound risk management strategy will shed light on business problems which, if left unaddressed, could cause disaster further down the line.

The issue doesn’t start and end with stopping the cyber-criminals. Private data is always vulnerable to accidental loss or disclosure, and executives must do all they can to maximise security, accountability and control at all junctures of the data journey.

Risk assessments should look at a company’s ability to uphold confidentiality, availability and resilience of processing systems and services.

Among the podcast’s key questions, Nick asks Rowenna what people need to consider when implementing a successful risk management programme at enterprise level?

Rowenna says:

“It starts with the understanding of risk and ways to govern risk. There’s no point counting up risks unless you have a way to assess how significant they are for the organisation.

“The first steps would look at the organisation at the very highest strategic levels.”

Other key questions put to Rowenna include:

  • What aspects of enterprise-wide risk management are organisations getting right in the GDPR era?
  • What areas are presenting more challenges in terms of enterprise-wide risk management?
  • Besides legislative compliance, what benefits can companies expect to tap into when they integrate good risk management programmes through every level of the organisation?

Tune in to hear Rowenna highlight how good data governance can make structures stronger and suppler, helping organisations to stand out from the competition.

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