How GDPR focused the mind on the board


The first instalment in the PrivSec Podcast Series brings Nick James, CEO and Founder of Data Protection World Forum into conversation with Steve Wright, GDPR Advisor to the Bank of England. 

The dawn of GDPR has called for sea change in the way companies handle data and think about data security.

But navigating new legislative waters has proved challenging, as illustrated by the sharp rise in data breach notifications to the UK regulator. Since the start of GDPR on May 25th 2018, the Information Commissioner’s Office has received an average of 1,276 data breach reports each month, a marked rise on the same time period a year earlier.

While the spike can be attributed to greater awareness of new data privacy controls, experts say businesses are still confused about report requirements, and knowing when it is necessary to report to the regulator.

In this podcast, GDPR specialist, Steve Wright considers the building blocks of data security measures and culture that an organisation needs to construct a comprehensive compliance programme.

Among key questions, Nick James asks how C-suite buy-in can be achieved in order to satisfying GDPR standards.

“We used a carrot-and-stick approach. If you can’t validate the following 12 things, you could face prosecution,” Steve responds, before explaining steps executives can take to ensure data security is taken seriously on all levels of business.

Other questions covered include:

  • What value does the DPO bring?
  • How do you create a culture of privacy and get people thinking differently?
  • Are Privacy and Security converging?

Tune in to hear Steve explore the current and future landscape of privacy and security, before delving into the challenges professionals face in an increasingly turbulent privacy-conscious world.

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