EU to run war games to prepare for cyber attacks

European Union ministers will take part in joint war games over the following months to prepare for “hybrid threats”.

Finland’s foreign minister, Pekka Haavisto stated that both interior and finance ministers will be tasked with responding to fictional scenarios during meetings in July and September, in Helsinki. 

The war games follow after a series of incidents, including Russia allegedly jamming GPS signals during military exercises around the Nordic countries last year, therefore by being able to respond, the ministers would be able to help authorities on the ground.

Mr Haavisto said:

“We want the union and member states to strengthen their capacities to prevent and respond.

“Military and civilian authorities can usually, in crisis time, do only what they have been trained for.”

Finland has set up a European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats – which since its creation two years ago, now has 22 EU and NATO members. 

Hybrid threats can be based on a wide variety of strategies, including the spread of fake news and cyberattacks on energy or communication systems. Russia has often been blamed for using such tactics.

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