85% of large enterprises struggle to protect critical network assets, research reveals

In the latest research study by Endace, Challenges of Managing and Securing the Network 2019, it was discovered that the biggest challenges organisations face was a lack of agility. 

The study surveyed senior executives and technical staff at more than 250 large enterprises globally to gain an understanding into the challenges that organisations face in protecting their networks from both cyberattacks and performance issues. 

When asked about what areas the respondents felt had the most challenges, 85% of respondents indicated that the ability to protect their organisations’ networks against a security, network or application performance event was the most challenging. In particular in larger organisations (annual revenue greater than $5B), it was found that 95% also saw this as a significant challenge. 

Other respondents cited balancing budgets to meet competing objectives (92%),  managing multiple different appliances for security and network or application performance monitoring (92%), and the ability to choose best of breed tools (76%). 

89% of the respondents indicated that they lack sufficient visibility into network activity in order to be certain on what is happening – thus causing difficulty in responding to security threats and issues that arise. 

The survey noted the need for greater agility within organisations, with 88% of respondents stating they were concerned about their ability to resolve security and performance problems quickly and accurately. 

An overwhelming 75% of respondents reported challenges with alert fatigue whilst 82% reported challenges with tool fatigue. 

Amongst the findings, the study revealed that more than half of respondents (56%) cited that competition for budget between different groups in the organisation is challenging – this indicates an issue between departments for the available budget. 

Some of the questions asked were directed to just technical roles and system architects. It was revealed that the lack of freedom of choice in acquiring tools was a significant challenge (73%), as well as having enough tools in the right place to detect and investigate major security, or network or application performance events. 

Tom Riddle, Director, Marketing & Research Solutions at Virtual Intelligence Briefing said:

“These research findings show that IT and security staff still lack adequate tools, efficient workflows and the agility necessary to investigate and respond to threats or issues quickly and accurately enough to keep their infrastructure safe and trouble-free.”

Cary Wright, VP Product Management at Endace commented:

“This research shows organizations urgently need to streamline their approach to security to enable rapid and cost-effective deployment. Moving to a common, open analytics platform to host a range of security solutions is a key tactic for better security.” 

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