Egypt passes first data protection law

Finally approved by parliament, data protection regulations will be enforced to protect data and privacy for all Egyptian citizens and European Union citizens in Egypt. 

The regulations have provisions and requirements related to the processing of personal data. Therefore companies dealing with personal data  are now required to follow data protection regulations.

The regulations consider personal data to be information about an individual that can identify them directly or indirectly, using names or picture, or any other data that can identify an individual’s economic, social or cultural background. 

The regulations considers sensitive personal data to be information that reveals religious, physical or mental health data and political opinions. 

If a company is found to be processing, collecting or disclosing data without the individual’s consent, they can be punished by imprisonment for a period of less than three months, and face a fine between EGP 100,000 and EGP 1m.

Article 14 of the regulation prohibits the transfer of sharing data to a foreign country, except by a license from the centre. If found violating the regulation – the individual could be fined between EGP 300,000 and EGP 3m.

The second article prohibits the collection, storage, transfer, preservation or processing of sensitive personal data without obtaining written consent of the concerned person. 

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