Containers and Kubernetes are rapidly growing in 2019

A survey released by Diamanti, has revealed that container technology is entering the enterprise mainstream quickly.

The survey questioned more than 500 IT leaders and it was discovered that in 2018, just 17% of IT operations teams were driving container adoption, however in 2019 the number has jumped to 35%. This is a clear sign that “containers and Kubernetes technology are entering the mainstream”.

In regards to investment, there has been an increase in investment with 38% of organisations spending in excess of $100K on container technologies, which is an increase from 33% in 2018.

“While $100,000 may not seem like a large sum, it’s important to remember that over 70 percent of most IT budgets is spent just keeping the lights on. Containers justify the investments you make in them by enabling your IT organization to become more agile while reducing the total cost of computing.”

When asking the IT leaders what was their biggest challenge when dealing with containers in production, more than 30% responded with security being the biggest challenge, whilst 26% cited infrastructure integration. 13% had answered with performance and 8% said persistent storage.

The most popular reason as to why containers on bare-metal servers are being run instead of virtual machines is due to higher performance (55.66%).

“Many applications are I/O bound, and bare metal does a better job of delivering I/O to containers. If VMs have an Achilles’ heel, it’s I/O performance.”

Another reason is due to the lower cost (36%), and the reduction in infrastructure complexity (29.25%).

The report also identified another sign that containers are entering the mainstream are in the use cases being reported. A decline in cloud-native apps (21%) and lightweight stateless apps (14%), demonstrates that “respondents are now interested in broader variety of use cases – some of which clearly don’t appear in the list of choices” that had been provided. Instead respondents selected “all of the above” or “other”.

The report concluded:

“Since our 2018 survey, we have seen significant indications that containers are entering the IT mainstream. Decision-making has shifted to IT operations teams, investment is increasing, and use cases are expanding. Enterprises are using containers for everything from modernizing legacy applications to big data analytics.

“However, making hardware and software choices and integrating a bare-metal solution can be time consuming. You may face significant headwinds in the transition from VMs to containers, including a shortage of expertise and significant technical debt. The wrong choices today will lock you into solutions that could limit your choices in the future. Integrated solutions and experienced partners can accelerate your path to production and help ensure success.”

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