TechXLR8: Connectivity in a Digital World

At the Cloud & DevOps Summit at TechXLR8, Michael Valocchi, General Manager and Chief Innovation Officer at IBM and Tom Stockwell, COO at Vodafone discusses data and the hybrid, multi cloud.

Valocchi starts of the talk discussing the world moving to cloud and digital:

“I want to start with a little bit of context on why we think this is so important. There’s never been a time in the industry where we’ve had so many things clash. So from a business perspective, the innovation that people are focused on and need to drive…the disruptors that are out there and the fact that the incumbent need to do so much to be able to survive and thrive in this changing world.

“Then I take the technology and I’ve never seen technology hitting us all at once. So we’re here to talk a little bit about cloud, which in and of itself is a huge enabler and a driver of business transformation. But then I layer on blockchain, AI, 5G, software defined network and it really is a time of extreme change from a technology perspective.

“So everyone talks about agile and that’s interesting but the fact is you have to be agile because you don’t have the long lead times from an innovation perspective anymore. You’ve got so much data…and on top of that now I have a complex multi-cloud, hybrid cloud world that I never had to deal with before.”

Valocchi delved in deeper about the hybrid multi-cloud world, stating businesses have been on the cloud journey for so long however only 20% of the workload has been moved from an enterprise perspective.

Using Wimbledon as an example, Valocchi explained how with the tournament, vast amounts of data is collected, therefore different clouds are utilised with a “private cloud to manage the entire environment” and “the use of the public cloud to get it out to you and I”.

In the latter half of the talk, Stockwell discussed the importance of data using Vodafone as an example. Stockwell explained that cloud and security strategy is centered around the importance of data by capturing the exhaust data, with the next stage being the holding the data.

“To Michael’s point, you know for pretty much all of the customers we’re speaking to that involves some kind of hybrid cloud environment. Therefore holding that data in a hybrid environment using the cloud platforms, the best execution environment for that data based on commercials, technical attributes, location attributes, security attributes, will become really important.”

Stockwell emphasises that all the data captured and on the network “is meaningless to anyone” until value is added to it, and it is the process of adding value, that provides insight which allows for different decisions, different business models to change the behaviour of the device that originated the data in the first place.

Stockwell and Valocchi went on to explain how the new venture that involves IBM and Vodafone combines their core strengths and allows this strategy to rapidly scale.  

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