Cyber security type-approval granted by Korean Register


A smart shipping integrated communication system has been granted Korean Register’s first cyber security type-approval certificate.

The Korean Register of Shipping is a non-profit classification body founded in South Korea that grants verification and certification for marine vessels regarding design, construction and maintenance.

Hyundai Electrics are the recipients of the cyber security type-approval certificate, in recognition of the Hyundai Integrated Smart Communication System (Hyundai-ISCS). The technology is designed to bring stronger cyber security protection for the future generation of ships.

Korean Registers cyber security type-approval aligns with global sector standards, such as IEC 62443 4-2 and IEC 61162-460. The award recognises the inspection of technical, security and audit functions and their capacity to uphold confidentiality, integrity and availability.

The certification guarantees standards in backup and recovery functions, and the assessment and analysis of these functions to check that cyber-attacks can be addressed promptly and robustly.

Korean Register executive vice president, Hung-chul Lee, said:

“This is the very first cyber security type-approval certificate to be issued anywhere in the world, but it reflects the speed of development in this sector and rising level of risk to on board systems from cyber-attack.”

Hyundai Electric and Hyundai Heavy Industries worked in partnership to create Hyundai-ISCS which now provides an array of data on sea-going vessels. The organisation also helps to bridge over 20 varieties of safety system equipment engineered to enhance the smart-capabilities of connected ships.

The cyber security type-approval certificate was formally presented to Hyundai by Korean Register in Oslo, Norway on 5th June.

On the same day, Inmarsat and Hyundai Global Service (HGS) announced a collaboration designed to enhance digitisation of vessel owners. The accord was revealed after three months of data-monitoring and analytics trials on three separate vessels.

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