5G is regarded as a catalyst of digital transformation


Capgemini conducted a study surveying over 800 industrial companies’ executives and 150 telecoms executives across 12 countries.

When asked which technologies will be the most integral to their digital transformation over the next five years, 75% of respondents answered that 5G would be a key enabler, followed by 84% of respondents stating cloud computing would be lead the way.

In a press release Capgemini wrote:

“Industrial companies believe that 5G’s versatility, flexibility and reliability will help address connectivity challenges (a limiting factor to digital transformation for 44% of those polled) and fuel future use cases.”

It was identified that industrial companies want to move quickly to implement 5G, with 65% of industrial companies planning to implement 5G within the first two years of availability.

The findings also revealed the desire for greater autonomy and security along with concerns that telecom operators are being too slow to deploy 5G public networks. Therefore, 33% of industrial companies are planning to apply for their own 5G license and large organisations will take the lead with 47% expressing interest. However there will be regulatory barriers which will differ across countries.

Despite concerns around the speed of deployment, industrial companies are willing to pay a premium charge of enhanced 5G connectivity, with 72% of companies willing to pay more for enhanced mobile broadband speed and increased capacity.

Pierre Fortier, Principal Consultant in Telecom, Media and Technology at Capgemini Invent commented:

“This research makes it clear that industrial companies are confident about the benefits of 5G before it has even come to market. That said, 5G is an emerging technology and there will be many challenges to overcome before it is ready to be deployed at scale.

“Co-innovation between industrial companies and the telco ecosystem, in the form of pilots and open experimentation platforms, will be essential to create win-win business, service and operating models that will foster 5G adoption.”

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