Russia demands Tinder to share user data

Tinder is now required to share user data to Russian intelligence agencies when requested.

Tinder is one of 175 of companies that have been put on a register which requires them to store data for six months and be given to Russian authorities, including the FSB security agency, when demanded.

Tinder has stated that it has registered to be compliant however as of yet, the company has “not handed over any data” to the Russian government.

Any companies that refuse risk being blocked in Russia. This was the case for Telegram, the messaging app, whereby the company refused to hand over users’ messages to authorities thus leading them to getting blocked. However users have resorted to utilising anonymous proxies or VPNs (virtual private networks) to continue using Telegram.

LinkedIn was also blocked in 2016 for failing to comply with the law.

The authorities claim that the crack down on the internet is to prevent terrorism and cyber attacks however many critics believe that the true motivation is to increase censorship.

Facebook and WhatsApp are not included in the 175 companies as of yet.

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