27% of organisations worldwide have been breached as a result of an unpatched vulnerability


Tripwire’s 2019 Vulnerability Management Survey questioned 340 info-security professionals about vulnerability management trends.

The survey revealed that 27% of organisations worldwide have suffered a data breach due to an unpatched vulnerability. Additionally within Europe, 34% of respondents reported a breach due to the same cause.

When questioned how long it took to detect new hardware and software added to their organisations network, 37% of respondents answered ‘hours’, 22% answered ‘minutes’, 21% said ‘days’, 7% said ‘weeks’, and shockingly 11% reported they could not detect new devices.

It was discovered that 88% of the respondents answered ‘yes’ to their organisations running vulnerability scans, whilst 12% replied with ‘no’. The respondents were then asked what kind of scans were conducted; 86% said automated vulnerability scans, 75% port scans, 63% authenticated scans and just 1% said none of the above.

Most notably those that reported that their organisations ran vulnerability scans, only 39% admitted that the scans were conducted weekly, with 17% conducting scans monthly.

Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire said:

“If you’re not scanning for vulnerabilities frequently enough, you’re missing new vulnerabilities that have been discovered, and you may be miss assets that tend to go on and off the network, like traveling laptops.”

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