GDPR.Report is becoming PrivSec to reflect changing times in cyber security

Alison Pepper

Leading data protection news website, GDPR: Report, is changing its name to PrivSec to reflect changing times, technologies and trends on the global data protection landscape.

PrivSec will build on GDPR.Report’s reputation as a publisher of leading news stories from the world of data privacy on a domestic, European and global level.

One year on from the implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PrivSec is set to become a go-to resource for senior decision-makers, IT executives and data protection professionals seeking insight into the latest developments in data protection.

An evolving industry

Traditionally, data security has been about safeguarding data assets and their integrity within the corporate space. Meanwhile, privacy was more about keeping sensitive information confidential, and developing data handling standards that gave data subjects the best protection.

As digital transformation has played out against modernising data legislation frameworks, the borders of these critical themes have merged.

PrivSec recognises this evolution, together with the challenges and solutions it presents to organisations as they work to uphold ever-tightened standards in data privacy and protection.

Commenting on the convergence of privacy and security, and the vital role it plays in consumer safety, Ivana Bartoletti, said:

“Security is key to ensure privacy, and citizens need to know companies have undertaken privacy by design approach which encompasses the identification and implementation of security measures to safeguard the data.

“The key point is that consumers now want a seamless experience as they use apps and online services so now more than ever privacy and security need to go hand in hand at design stage,” Ivana added.

The convergence also invites a rethink of working partnerships at the top level, as organisations bid to retain a competitive edge through compliance journeys.

Richard Merrygold, Principal Consultant and Data Protection Officer at iSTORM, said:

“The link between data privacy and data security has always existed, although it has become more prevalent of late. A good privacy framework relies on the continued assessment of its controls, continual development.

“This practice has been in place in data security through standards such as ISO27001 for many years, it is only now that the two functions are more regularly starting to see the opportunities to align. The DPO and the CISO should be working very closely together as they support a common a goal,” he added.

PrivSec Conferences will bring together leading speakers and experts from privacy and security to deliver compelling content via solo presentations, panel discussions, debates, roundtables and workshops.

For more information on upcoming events, visit the website.

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