The GDPR Maturity Framework

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became one of the most comprehensive data protection laws to be implemented in the world. Nearly all businesses and organisations handling the personal data of individuals living within the European Union, had to ensure they were compliant under the new regulations.

The regulations led to the development of the role Data Protection Officer (DPO), which in turn put them into the limelight answering difficult questions like “how and when we will be compliant with GDPR?”.

This white paper provides an overview of the GDPR Maturity Framework that helps a DPO. The GDPR Maturity Framework is based on 25 years of practical experience in designing and implementing cyber security and privacy control frameworks. The GDPR Maturity Framework is a result of a collaboration between privacy and security professionals, DPOs, lawyers & CISOs, and provides a realistic approach on how to make sure enough is done to remain compliant with GDPR.

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