GDPR:Report Weekly Roundup

Each week, GDPR:Report presents the top 5 headlines from the week’s news and upcoming events in the data protection industry. This week marks the first anniversary of the introduction of GDPR, and hackers can now steal your identity through your coffee machine.

Happy Birthday, GDPR!
Saturday 25th May 2019 marks the one year anniversary of the introduction of GDPR, but law firm Collyer Bristow has warned of the worst birthday present – hefty fines. Despite workers feeling more confident in their data protection efforts, the law firm believes organisations that have become complacent about their GDPR compliance. Read the full report here.

Instagram chiefs are unsure about how it happened but the contact details of nearly 50 million users have been stored on an unprotected web database. The investigation so far has revealed that the company Chtrbox which is headquartered in Mumbai is linked to the database that was held on an Amazon database. Read the full story here.

Morning cuppa
It’s been found that hackers are now able to steal an individuals identity through their coffee machine. It’s not just your coffee that’s not safe though. A security giant has said that cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things (IoT) devices by compromising them and stealing the owner’s sensitive details. So the hackers could access any ‘smart’ device. Read the full report here.

Ok Google, are you protecting my privacy or not?
For the third week, Google has appeared in the news for their data protection efforts. Last weeks positive move to create a data privacy hub has been crushed as this week they admit to storing user passwords in plaintext. And not just in the last year, they’ve been doing it for at least 14 years. Google has admitted that any user that has had a G-Suite account in the past 14 years will be at risk. Read the story here.

Going Underground: the public gets what the public doesn’t want
Finally, Transport for London has announced that “secure, privacy-protected data collection will begin on 8 July 2019” with improved customer services such as alerts about delays and congestion within stations. TfL also stated that individual customer data will not be shared and customers will not be personally identified from the data collected. But if you don’t want to be tracked, you have to remember to turn your WiFi off. Read more about the story here.

Quote of the week:
“Isn’t having customers’ trust a cornerstone to good business? Isn’t that intangible relationship with customers: loyalty, trust, repeat customers, something most companies want?”
– Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner


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