DDoS attacks on the rise, report reveals

Research from Kaspersky Lab identified that DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks have increased by 84% since the last quarter in 2018.

In the ”DDoS Attacks in Q1 2019” report, it was revealed that the total number of DDoS attacks climbed by 84% and the number of sustained (over 60 minutes) DDoS sessions doubled, with the average duration of the attack increased by 4.21 times.

The report explained:

“Over the last six months of the previous year, we have been observing less the redistribution of botnet capacity for other purposes and more the emergence of a market vacuum. Most likely, the supply deficit was linked to the clamping down on DDoS attacks, the closure of sites selling related services, and the arrest of some major players over the past year.

“Now it seems the vacuum is being filled: such explosive growth in the indicators is almost certainly due to the appearance of new suppliers and clients of DDoS services.”

Kaspersky Lab suggested that the exponential growth in attacks, could be due to the launch of newer DDoS-for-Hire services.

The report also revealed that China remains the leader of outgoing attacks with 67.89%, followed by the US and Hong Kong.

Alexey Kiselev, business development manager on the Kaspersky DDoS Protection team:

“The DDoS attack market is changing.

“New DDoS services appear to have replaced ones shut down by law enforcement agencies. As organizations implement basic countermeasures, attackers target them with long-lasting attacks. It is difficult to say if the number of attacks will continue to grow, but their complexity is showing no signs of slowing down.”

“We recommend that organizations prepare themselves effectively, in order to withstand sophisticated DDoS attacks,” Kiselev added.

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