Thailand suffers most data breaches in APAC region, study finds

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New research has underlined the vulnerability of corporations, official organisations and consumers alike when it comes to data breaches, with Thailand coming out on top for number of breaches suffered.

A survey conducted by cyber security company, ESET found that 58% of respondent organisations in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region said they have suffered a data breach over the past year. For a quarter of those questioned, virus attacks were cited as the most common nature of breach.

The findings have prompted some experts to question how well consumers really understand basic issues surrounding cyber threats, and how to mitigate them in everyday life.

ESET’s Asia chief operating officer, Lukas Raska, said hope was to be found in an apparent appetite to learn more about online safety and to develop threat awareness. Pointing to research results, Raska highlighted that 78% of APAC respondents said they would be willing to receive more educational material regarding cyber security.

Raska said:

“Like a double-edged sword, the evolutionary use of data comes hand-in-hand with cyber threats, which are increasingly getting sophisticated.

“It is therefore imperative that consumers are educated about the growing threats, and the steps they can take to protect themselves online as well as offline,” he added.

Seven countries in the APAC region were part of the ESET APAC Consumer Behaviour Survey, with Thailand reporting the highest rate of data breaches, and virus attacks being the most common complaint for 44% of study participants.

Thailand’s citizens also came out on top regarding the length of time respondents spend online, with 32% passing more than ten hours each day on the internet. Only 13% of those surveyed in other countries spend the same amount of time online, by comparison.

The research was carried out to obtain more insight into consumer behaviours in cyber space, with a view to better understanding attitudes to data privacy and security following a spate of data breaches in the APAC region.

Also included in the survey were the views of consumers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and India, with 2,000 views taken into account in each country.

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