“Employees are failing to engage even the most basic security measures”, report reveals

New research has found half of organisations’ remote workers have knowingly put data at risk of a breach.

Apricorn released new research focusing on the growing threats posed by mobile and remote workers. It was revealed that 89% of the surveyed organisations have experienced a data breach and human error continues to be the cause of the breaches, with 63% of respondents noting that human error was the main cause of a data breach.

It was noted that the other causes of data breach included a lack of encryption and phishing emails. The results are similar to earlier findings from a poll conducted on Twitter which found that people were almost twice the threat to personal data than technology itself – whether it be through malicious intent or unintentional error.

These findings emphasise the need for businesses to be investing more time and resources into educating and supporting their employees, instead of focusing on financing new technologies.

The research revealed that 47% of remote workers have knowingly put corporate data at risk of breach. Most notably, 34% of respondents stated that their organisation’s workers (both mobile and remote) don’t care about security – which is a 16% increase compared to findings from last year.

Jon Fielding, Managing Director, EMEA Apricorn said:

“It’s unfathomable to think that even with GDPR now in full swing, employees, and remote workers in particular, have such disregard for the security of corporate data they are responsible for and the risk they pose.

“Be it ignorance, defiance or just simply a lack of care, employees are failing to engage even the most basic security measures, with no consideration for the consequences of their actions, or inaction in most circumstances.”

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