Baltimore City in US hit by ransomware attack

Officials have shut down the majority of servers in Baltimore City after being hit by a ransomware attack.

For the second time in a year, the Maryland city has been struck by a ransomware attack, prompting authorities to shut down servers as a precaution.

The new Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young tweeted:

“Baltimore City core essentials services (police, Fire, EMS and 311) are still operational but it has been determined that the city’s network has been infected with a ransomware virus. City employees are working diligently to determine the source and extent of the infection.”

No evidence has been found that any personal identifiable information has been exposed as of yet. However City Hall personnel were told to disconnect their computer as it is believed that the ransomware virus is spreading computer-to-computer.

At this point in time, it is unclear as to how the ransomware got into the computing systems or how much ransom was demanded. Democratic Mayoral spokesperson Lester Davis announced that the city would not pay the ransom.

This is not the first time Baltimore has been attacked. In March last year a similar ransomware attack hit Baltimore City’s phone system, affecting the automated dispatches for both 911 and 311 calls for more than 15 hours. Atlanta was similarly affected by a ransomware virus known as the ‘SamSam ransomware’ which led to the disruption of government operations.

“City employees are working diligently to determine the source and extent of the infection,” a statement by the mayor’s office read.

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