European Data Protection Summit explains how data handling practices are changing

Since the GDPR’s implementation in May 25th 2018, organisations that process the data of EU residents have had to adopt new, more secure ways of handling the information entrusted to them.

As the new legislation has taken hold over the last 12 months, data breaches have come thick and fast. It’s the big data handlers, such as Facebook, that have been found guilty of the biggest non-compliant data processing transgressions in incidents that have compromised the private details of millions of users worldwide.

As the tech giants have been hit by record-breaking fees by European regulators, global businesses have taken note of how not to treat user privacy in the digital era.

A forum for debate on the key issues

Coming to central London in June, European Data Protection Summit brings global experts discuss emerging trends and technologies in data handling that uphold the GDPR’s founding principles of transparency, control and accountability.

Boasting packed agendas across three theatres – Enterprise, Synergy and Interact – the Summit presents the perfect opportunity for stakeholders to develop their understanding of the issues impacting upon privacy through all industries.

The Interact theatre puts privacy by design under the spotlight. Industry experts present the case for the cloud, and look at the compliance benefits companies can expect to unlock through migration and other emerging technologies. Use of the cloud for back-up and recovery is also examined.

Discover advanced insight from the analysists’ take on a year of data breaches, and learn what lessons business leaders need to take to galvanise their own compliance programmes. Panel discussions take the issue to the floor to find out an array of industry-specific perspectives.

GDPR implementation is broken down, enabling delegates to improve their knowledge of data breach prevention tactics through all levels of enterprise.

Among other topics covered at the Interact theatre:

  • Business continuity management and cyber risk
  • Privacy by design
  • Managing data flows with third parties
  • The GDPR maturity framework


This event will bring together DPOs, executives and senior IT decision-makers for a day of keynote talks and panel debates across three content-rich theatres.

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Event details

European Data Protection Summit
When: Monday 3rd June 2019
Where: 133 Houndsditch, London

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