European Data Protection Summit London welcomes Ivana Bartoletti

Ivana Bartoletti will be speaking at the European Data Protection Summit in central London on June 3rd 2019. 

As Head of Data Privacy and Protection at Gemserv, Ivana’s wealth of experience was accrued through senior posts across public and private sectors, including roles in the NHS, Barclays and Sky.

A privacy and data protection professional, Ivana is passionate about digital ethics and data governance and mobilises her expertise through keynote talks at leading industry events in the UK and overseas. She helps businesses to harness the data they hold and focuses on the privacy by design programmes especially in relation to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.

In May 2018, Ivana launched the Women Leading in AI network, along with Dr Allison Gardner and Reema Patel, a lobby group of women from different backgrounds aimed to mobilise the tech industry and politics to set clear governance around AI so that the technology is bound by human values to support all citizens.

A report published in 2018 by Women Leading in AI network garnered mass interest from tech leaders, international institutions and the media.

A regular contributor to current media platforms, Ivana comments on privacy, data ethics and innovation for British and international publications, including the Victoria Derbyshire programme, BBC Radio 4, BBC world and the Guardian. She is a former advisor to the Romano Prodi government in Italy.

Ivana speaks at conferences around the world including, recently, at the UNESCO and OECD. A co-editor of the Fintech Circle AI book, Ivana is also writing her own publication expected to be released next year.

We caught up with Ivana to find out her views on some of the core themes of data protection and data law compliance.

How often should organisations review their data protection performance?

IB: There is no such thing as data protection compliance per se. It is a constant journey that requires learning from mistakes, keeping abreast of an evolving legal landscape and continuous assessment of the challenges new technologies such as AI and blockchain bring.

Independent auditing of algorithms and of companies’ ethics and privacy by design frameworks is important and something worth investing in, especially if businesses want to make the most of the data-driven opportunities available.

Do you think that organisations tell consumers what they are doing to strengthen data protection?

IB: Transparency is key – and not just because the laws say so but because clear communication with customers and users can give organisations a great competitive edge.

Businesses should try to create new ways to engage on privacy matters, and that is where legal design becomes useful. Privacy notices are too often too wordy and technical so pop-ups and real-time notifications supporting customer journeys are certainly more appropriate.

When organisations deploy new technologies such as AI and blockchain, engagement with customers and users becomes a priority.

Will AI have a disruptive or galvanising effect on our journey to data law compliance?

IB: AI holds many promises for businesses, and organisations are right to embrace them. I work with businesses across all sectors to ensure they get their fundamentals right, adopt pragmatic ethics and privacy governance to reduce bias and privacy risks and ensure decision makers and technical staff communicate effectively.

AI does present challenges from a privacy standpoint and requires organisations to identify trade-offs, overall risk appetite and set out the values they are going to be driven by. A fascinating challenge!


Hear Ivana Bartolleti live at European Data Protection Summit

Ivana will discuss the role of privacy in an era of big data and algorithms in front of audiences at European Data Protection Summit London.

Coming to 133 Houndsditch on June 3rd, this exclusive event will bring over 800 DPOs together with security professionals and business leaders to provide a day of advice, learning and networking for all data protection stakeholders.

Other speakers include:

  • Sheila FitzPatrick, President & Founder at Fitzpatrick Associates
  • Max Schrems, Founder at NOYB
  • Tamara Ballard, Data Protection Lawyer at Channel 4
  • Edward Hanson-Assan, Associate DPO at Knight Frank
  • Abigail Dubiniecki, Data Privacy Specialist at My In-house Lawyer 

To register for the European Data Protection Summit, click here.

Event details

European Data Protection Summit

Where: 133 Houndsditch London

When: 3rd June

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