Ticketmaster hack leads to damages claim

Last summer’s hack on Ticketmaster has led to compensation seekers claiming damages of up to £5m from the ticket purchasing website.

In June 2018, the company revealed that up to 40,000 of its UK customers had been effected by a security breach.

Hayes Connor Solicitors explained that many of those impacted went on to experience “multiple fraudulent transaction”, while a third of the victims hit suffered “significant stress” as a result of the intrusion.

A High Court in Liverpool was presented with the claim last week.

A household name among event-going fans from all walks of life, Ticketmaster’s disclosed last year that malicious software on Inbenta Technologies, a third-party consumer support service, had been at the root of the cyber-attack.

Crucially, the hack took place in the month after the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, meaning Ticketmaster may yet be liable for considerable regulatory action, on top of the reputational harm the brand has already incurred.

At the time of the breach, Ticketmaster was quick to allay fears by stating that it had done due diligence in meeting with the GDPR’s requirements, and the Information Commissioner’s Office and all other relevant authorities had been informed of the breach.

Managing Director at Hayes Connor Solicitors, Kingsley Hayes, said court action has come in the wake of “unsuccessful” talks with Ticketmaster. The Wigan-based solicitors are representing 650 of the claimants.

“Ticketmaster failed to action the breach until two months after it was alerted to the fact by digital bank Monzo,” Hayes continued.

“More than two thirds of our clients have suffered multiple fraudulent transactions since the serious data breach with the remainder still at risk of having their money stolen or their details used for fraudulent activity in the future,” he added.

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