Data breach hits Arizona, USA

It is feared that thousands of citizens in the American state of Arizona may have had their credit card details, along with other personal data, stolen by cyber criminals.

Hotels, restaurants and other businesses are among the rising number of organisations to hear that they may be victims of yet another hack to hit companies in the States, reports reveal.

Frog & Firkin owner, Jody Raetzman, said:

“It’s not on our machine alone, it had nothing to do with our employees, our machines or anything like that. It is a processor where the information goes to the bank.”

The incident took place between 5am and 7pm on the 4th January, Raetzman continued.

“I know probably many students were still on break. A quieter time for us thankfully. We never want any of our customers affected and we are constantly keeping up on updating our processors and updating our equipment,” she added.

Many more firms in Arizona are said to be affected by the North Country Business Products breach. Victims in Tucson include the Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch, Tucson Truck Terminal and other resorts.

It is not yet believed that the data has been misused.

“Hopefully this did not directly affect any of our customers, but the information will be on our social media and our website for any information,” Raetzman said.

A helpline for consumers has now been set up, while consumers are being encouraged to review account statements for signs of suspicious activity.

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